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Google Just Opened Pre-Orders for the Ultimate Pixel 6 Wireless Charging Stand – Review Geek

The Pixel 6 on the Second Gen Pixel Stand.

After months of waiting, the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is finally available for pre-order. It’s the only wireless charger that’s optimized for the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, with features like 23-watt wireless charging and a special “docked” mode that turns your Pixel phone into a smart home display.

The new Pixel Stand looks like a prettier version of OnePlus’ wireless charging hardware, with its bulky backside and integrated cooling fan. This built-in fan may seem a bit unnecessary to some, but it should keep your Pixel 6 from getting hot while it charges at top speed. (Wireless charging is still very inefficient. Fast 23-watt wireless charging can generate a decent amount of heat, especially if you use your phone for video calls or Netflix while it’s cradled on the Pixel Stand.)

Interestingly, the new Pixel Stand features three charging modes. The standard mode offers a nice balance between speed and thermals, while the other modes prioritize either charging speed or thermal performance. The Pixel Stand can also charge wireless earbuds, including the Pixel Buds, though we should note that the Pixel Buds A-Series don’t support wireless charging.

And like its predecessor, the new Pixel Stand supports the optional “docked” Pixel experience. “Docked” mode basically turns your Pixel phone into a mini smart display, with features like Photo Frame (slideshows), the Google Assistant Visual Spotlight, and easy-access smart home controls.

You can pre-order the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) today for $80. Google says that orders should arrive on December 14th in the United States and December 15th in the UK. (In case you’re wondering, the new Pixel Stand comes with a 30-watt power adapter and 5-foot power cable.)

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