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Social awkwardness is the part and parcel of our lives. When we open our eyes on birth we are awkward about the fact “Who the hell are all these people around me ? Why are they staring at me with weird faces ?” With time, this awkwardness grows as we grow and may become a big deal for us in future.

So has this ever happened to you ? You come to office, keep your bag and then your grab your water bottle to fill it. You start walking towards the water filling station and on the way pass that ONE person whom you see everyday but whose name you don’t know at all. But you still have to smile as it is a social obligation. You exchange a big awkward smile with them and pass.

Now you keep your water bottle and enters the washroom. And to your nightmare that same person is standing there. You want to ask him this time “Why the hell are you following me?”. But you can’t ! This time you do have to talk something. You cannot getaway with that smile. But what to talk in this creative setting of washroom? “How was your experience ?” No ! That would get too personal. Then you get the idea to talk about the most obvious thing. “Ahh ! The weather is bad these days. It’s February and its already HOT.” BOOOOM ! Congrats ! You saved yourself !!

Now, its night and it’s your friend’s birthday. You call her and wish her happy birthday. She replies back with a Thank You. What to talk after that ? How’s mom ? dad? dog tommy?

Well, if you all are already traumatized by all these. Then don’t worry I will help you out with four tips on how to avoid social awkwardness when meet a person. To help us here, we have a virtual friend Tarun.

You: Hey Tarun. How are you ?
Tarun: Hey. I am good.
You: So I have a joke for you. What is yellow and stinks very bad?
Tarun: What?
You: Your Teeth ! Hahahahahahaha !

If your jokes are as bad as mine then don’t worry we have the second one.

Search about the person on social media. Stalk them. Get hands on their phone. Go through there Whatsapp chat, Instagram, Zomato Orders anything and everything you get hands on. Go to the dustbin below their desk and try to find out what all lies there. Maybe their phone bills or electricity bills etc.Casually slip the details in conversation “The red underwear that you ordered from amazon looks fabulous.”

They will feel special that you have so much interest in their lives.

F: Family
Tarun your wife caught you with some else. You are getting divorced. Congrats.

O: Occupation
I heard you got the last rating this time. Your boss really hates you.

R: Recreation
Did you see the TV serial last night? That lady who had died fourth time came back alive and realized that her grandson already has a grandson.

If nothing of this works out we have the fourth and the last one.

Tarun: I think I should go now.
You: Why?
Tarun: Because you are making weird jokes today and talking weird things.
You: Why?
 What has happened to you? Are you crazy?
You: Why?
Tarun: I think you need a doctor immediately.
You: Why?
Tarun:AHHHHHH !!! I am going ! Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeee !!
You: Why? Why ? Why? Why ? Why? Why ? Why? Why ?

So that are few of the tips on how to break away from social awkwardness. Do try these with people around you and I am sure you will come running back to me.

But on a little serious note, do you know that among all the people who suffer from anxiety, more than 10% of them have social anxiety and it can be anyone dealing with it and they are always awkward in coming out and talking about it. So it’s time to come out and help yourself ! Maybe you can try my tips in a little politically correct way ! 🤪

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