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Stratergy, Perseverence, Hardwork: Are all you need !


According to Wikipedia, A Master of Business Administration (MBA; also Master’s in Business Administration) is a graduate degree focusing on business administration and investment management. It originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialized and companies sought scientific management. Today, more than a definition it’s an ambition for many, it is a dream for many. Many students look at MBA as a way to achieve a lot in life. You will find MBA admissions consulting companies all around you. The MBA admissions industry has grown infinitely. I have been through the same journey. I have been at a place where I was confused and not sure which way to go. Hence, I decided to write this article so that I can give more clarity to the people interested in MBA application.

What does a ‘Top International MBA’ means?

A top international MBA program is the one that has strong brand value across the globe. It should have a very strong alumni network & an equally strong curriculum, career centre, practical training, research, extracurriculars etc. 

A lot of prestigious agencies list out Top Global MBA programs yearly. Check out the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2021! Click here. 

To get into a Top Business school, one must have a very strong application on all front. Some of the finest brains across the world apply to these colleges hence it is very important to give your best shot.

The pillars of a strong MBA application:

Let’s begin by discussing what makes one’s application strong.

Pillar 1: Academics

Your graduation and school results play a significant role. It supplies the admissions team with an impression of your historical analytical competency. If you have exceptional scores: Brilliant! Well, to be honest, if you have inadequate scores & you are already a graduate, in case you cannot alter anything about your past hence in such a situation it’s better to focus on GMAT and other pillars of the application.

Pillar 2: GMAT/GRE

Well! GMAT is an enormous subject with a lot of layers bound to each other. That is the rationale why I have inscribed a separate article on this. It talks about my course of GMAT: the struggles I went through & how I resolved them. I have also given some very crucial suggestions that aided me. It’s a lengthy piece however worth reading.

 Read the article here: Journey from 550 to 700+ in GMAT in 3 attempts 

GRE has also become common now. A lot of b schools accept this exam. A lot people are also interested in attempting GRE as the scores can be used for MS as well as an MBA. If you are planning to go ahead with GRE, please check on your desired schools’ website whether they accept GRE or not.

Pillar 3: Quality & Quantity of Work Experience

The quality and the quantity of work experience is very important.


Also, if you are working in some big brand, that will be beneficial! If you have taken up leadership roles, highlight them. If you have handled projects individually: highlight that! Try to take up more and more responsibilities at work so that they can reflect in your resume.

Also, one important thing: If you are interested in X function/industry after an MBA, it’s better to have experience in the same industry. It’s very difficult to switch industry/function after an international MBA, so better prepare in advance.

Pillar 4: Extracurriculars

Extracurriculars are an important aspect that is overlooked by most people. Strong extracurriculars give a strong overall finish to your personality. Do you like speaking? Join Toastmasters. Do you like helping others? Join an NGO. Do you like playing the guitar? Join a band! You should have some good achievement concerning whatever you are doing! Also, extracurriculars cannot be done in one day! You need years of investment into it!

Pillar 5: Presentation- Resume, Essays, Recommendation, LinkedIn etc.

You have achieved all the above things. Now, it all comes to how you are going to present it in front of the admission panel. You need to be precise, clear and confident with every word you write in your resume & essay. The recommendation by your manager should support you over all strengths. A new addition to this list is Linkedin. You need to have a very strong LinkedIn profile. Your strengths should be highlighted in your stories.

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Important Additional Tips

  • Have a very strong reason for: WHY MBA? Be very sure about your motive. A lot of people just want to do an MBA because everyone else around them is doing it! If you walk into the application with this perspective, you will be rejected immediately. Having confusion figure out? I can help you with that with my consulting services 🙂
  • Have a definitive short and long term goal: What you want to achieve with this MBA? How will this degree help you in your life in the long term? Which path you wish to travel to that is impossible without this degree? You need to self reflect! Do you want to become a consultant? Do you want to become a Banker? If consultant, what do you know about consulting? And how are you so sure that consulting is the right career path for you? Having confusion figure out? I can help you with that with my consulting services 🙂
  • Belonging to a competitive pool can be a huge disadvantage. E.g. If you are an Indian IT Male (just like me): you already have a big disadvantage. So better focus on strengthening the above-mentioned pillars of your application, if you wish to stand out.
  • It is very important to research schools after you are done with the GMAT. Are you looking for a scholarship? Or you are ready to pay the full fees? Do you have location constraints? Research is REQUIRED! Having confusion figure out? I can help you with that with my consulting services 🙂
  • Target colleges that offer STEM in MBA. It will give you a cushion after an MBA to search for employment. Not sure what is that? Reach out to me.
  • Try to apply in Round 1. There are more scholarships available in Round 1. Also based on Round 1 results, you can plan your Round 2 and apply to more colleges.
  • Build good rapport with your manager if you require good recommendations. You have a bunch of people and confuse about whom to take recommendation from? I can help you with this!
  • Give TOEFL/IELTS (if required) early so that you have enough time to work on the application.
  • If you fail, know why you failed and work on yourself.
  • Need help with above things? Reach out to me !

Read More: Journey from 550 to 700+ in GMAT in 3 attempts

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