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Say goodbye to cable chaos: stream 4K to any screen with an HDMI connection

If you’ve ever taken your games console to someone else’s house or delivered a work presentation on an unfamiliar TV, you’ll know that getting your device to display things on someone else’s screen can be a real pain. 

If you’d rather not crawl around the floor to connect a cable, we think you’ll love Skylarx. Skylarx makes it easy to share from any media device, streaming your content in full uncompressed 4K UHD with no trailing wires and no complex setup. You don’t even need Wi-Fi. 

The smarter way to transmit video


(Image credit: Skylarx)

Whether it’s funny cat videos, conference keynotes or must-see movies, Skylarx streams your video to any display in full, uncompressed quality. It doesn’t suffer from the network congestion, interference or capacity problems that can plague Wi-Fi streaming, because it doesn’t use Wi-Fi. Plus, it doesn’t use any of your mobile data allowance, because it doesn’t use your mobile phone’s data connection. 

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